0xCC is free of charge to attendees because we strongly believe that a person's financial situation should not be a barrier to a passion for, or a career in cyber security. This means we rely on the generosity of the community and industry to help make 0xCC a reality.

For our first 0xCC last year, we had 130 women sign up for one of four two-day courses on varying topics covering everything from web application penetration testing, malware analysis, and reverse engineering, python scripting and automation, to application security. All courses were subscribed to capacity in less than 2 days with some of them running out of tickets in half a day. We were also able to provide 6 travel grants to interstate students from around Australia as well as host a meaningful panel discussing the experiences of industry leaders and the contemporary issues that still persevere in our industry today. 

With your help we'll be able to increase the number of courses, travel grants for students and those who otherwise wouldn't be able to make it, childcare and creche to help parents attend and much more in 2020!


If your company has any interest in sponsoring 0xCC 2020, we would love to hear from you!

Email: peeps@0xcc.sh

Twitter: @0xCC_sh

Linkedin: 0xCC

PayPal (for individual donors): paypal.me/0xcc