By Erica Anderson

Course Description

Software security vulnerabilities are big business for potential attackers. Identifying them early and knowing what common pitfalls to avoid can make a big difference to the resilience of your applications. The SafeStack introduction to secure software development course will help you to understand, identity and avoid common software security vulnerabilities in your code.

This course is aligned with the Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP) top 10 application security vulnerabilities.  In addition to these vulnerabilities, students will gain skills and experience with the following:

  • Security mindset and hacker motivations

  • Popular security testing tools

  • Security threat assessment and code review

  • This course is designed to be hands on and interactive. Lecture material is combined with a range of custom built labs to test students and let them experiment with the vulnerabilities in action.

Who will benefit from the course?

Anyone who is keen to learn more about how popular web app vulnerabilities work and how to prevent them from occurring. It will be hands on so you can see how these vulnerabilities actually work. There is likely to be a good range of folks in the room with varying levels of dev experience and we can all help each other - so no need to be an experienced software engineer to come along!


Course Difficulty

Not too hard, not too easy. There are progressively harder labs to challenge yourself. Everyone will be able to find the answers to at least a few labs.

Recommended Prerequisites

None - This is a foundation course

About the Trainer


IMG_20171122_135503 (1).jpg

Erica (@sputina)

Her twitter bio says “info sec, cat, and ketchup enthusiast” which summarises her quite nicely. Erica is a space cadet (and principal security consultant) for SafeStack and leads their Wellington presence. She also causes general mayhem with Kiwicon, Kawaiicon, and (previously) BSides Wellington.