By Marina Samokhina

Talk Description

Quantum computing is not sci-fi technology anymore. Tech giants, like Google and IBM, reveal more and more details about progress in building a real-life quantum computer. 49 qubits, 53 qubits, 72 qubits... What a competition! This progress has an another side of the coin. Humanity was never so close to implementing Shor's algorithm!


It does mean that in the foreseeable future all classic cryptosystems would NOT be reliable anymore. Each time you are open a page in a browser, sending an electronic correspondence or using a web-app on your smartphone, you are using classic crypto behind the scenes. What should we do when all of these algorithms would not be strong anymore and anyone who can access quantum technologies can read our emails and easy intercept web traffic? In my talk, I will explain what is post-quantum cryptography, what type of algorithms can be used to protect distributed systems in a post-quantum future.


I will explain what is the current stage of choosing PQC standard and who are the possible candidates for the standard. Please be prepare for a real-life demo which will help you to memorise and explain to your grandma what is Quantum Superposition is.

About the Speaker


Marina Samokhina qualified with a Bachelor of Applied Science in Physics and Mathematics, a Master of Science, and a PhD from the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology, with her thesis on "Design and cryptanalysis of information security systems based on linear codes in various metric spaces".

Marina currently works in the software development industry as an Applcations Security Engineer. 

Marina's interests include: The Universe, Space exploration, Genetics, Information Security, Cryptography, Future IT infrastructure and architectures, Software development, Databases, Linear codes, and Artificial Intelligence