By Noushin and Negar Shabab

Course Description

In this course we will learn the basics of x86 assembly language and fundamental tools and techniques of malware analysis.

We will learn the malware analysis process from the start to the end. This includes understanding file structures, recognising packed files and how to unpack them, reverse engineering malwares and finally writing scripts to decrypt their encrypted components.

The course covers hands-on analysis of malwares from different formats and platforms such as x86, PDF, .NET, malicious scripts and Android malwares.

At the end of this 2-day course you will have become familiar with essential malware analysis and reverse engineering concepts and best practices and some of the most commonly used malware analysis tools. You will be ready to start your new research projects or continue on with your existing ones with a broader perspective.

Who will benefit from the course?

  • Security analysts

  • Malware analysts

  • Red teamers

  • Blue teamers

  • Security enthusiasts in general


Course Difficulty

Malware Analysis and Reverse Engineering is intended for beginners to malware analysis

Recommended Prerequisites

  1. Basic programming literacy

  2. Basic understanding of Windows operating system

  3. Familiarity with basic cyber attack concepts

About the Trainers

Negar and Noushin.jpeg

Negar is a security researcher from Microsoft. She has worked in different
offensive and defensive roles in cyber security over the past 8 years, from malware
analysis and security software development to
application security consulting and penetration

Noushin is a senior security researcher at
Kaspersky specialising in reverse engineering and
targeted attack investigations. She has extensive
experience in malware analysis, threat intelligence
and security software development. Her research
is focused on APT actors and their new tools,
techniques and activities.

Negar and Noushin are active speakers atvarious local and international conferences, somerecent examples are MRE, Kawaiicon and SAS.

https://twitter.com/NoushinShbb      https://twitter.com/NegarShbb