By Marisa Emerson

Course Description

This course will teach practical offensive security skills in binary exploitation. Binary exploitation is technically challenging and rewarding and will teach you how systems work on a bare metal perspective. We will be exploring this technically involved and fascinating subject through a series of hands on hacking challenges of progressive difficulty. We will be learning classic forms of Linux based user land binary exploitation - exploring a variety of stack and heap exploitation techniques, common vulnerability classes and modern OS protection mechanisms and how to bypass them.

Who will benefit from the course?

Those who are interested in offensive security and are curious about how systems work on a bare-metal perspective.


Course Difficulty

Introduction to Binary Exploitation is considered to be intermediate

Recommended Prerequisites

Linux command line experience and some programming experience. C/C++ experience a bonus.

About the Trainer



Marisa works as a security engineer and red team member at a well known video game company. She previously worked as a security consultant and researcher, performing security assessments and vulnerability research. She is passionate about offensive security, loves hacking and is excited to share a topic that is so close to her heart.