By Franca Moretto

Course Description

This 2 day hands-on course will introduce you to the basics of AWS, specifically around cloud networking resources and the concepts as it relates to securing the cloud. Training will be based on theory that is presented with a practical element where attendees will be required to secure their resources using secure networking principles. This will include access control, network security, data encryption and basic security monitoring. 

The following content is the very beginner version of what we’ll be covering:



In a safe learning environment, the course will be designed to teach attendees:

  •  Benefits and responsibilities of using the AWS Cloud and the shared responsibility model

  • Cloud network threat modelling

  • Common cloud networking scenarios and how network security is implemented

  • Dive into access control and IAM setup

  • How to secure network access to your environments such as the creation of VPCs

  • Configuring route tables, security groups, AWS-managed WAF, NAT Gateways, load balancing and auto scaling

  • Using jumpboxes/bastion hosts and/or systems manager agents to securely access various parts of your network

  • Basic data security and encryption

  • Basic monitoring and incident response


What we won't be covering

  • This won’t be a cloud computing 101 course - primer material will be suggested for people new to AWS

  • We won’t be covering application security

It will be a lot to cover!

You’ll be gifted at $50 AWS voucher (thanks AWS!) as some of the resources we’ll be deploying will incur costs.

Who will benefit from the course?

Devops/Platform Engineers who want to learn more about implementing AWS cloud networks

Developers who want to learn more about how security is implemented from a cloud network perspective

Security professionals who would like more exposure to cloud concepts and security


Course Difficulty

Cloud Network Security is considered to be beginner/intermediate

Recommended Prerequisites

  1. The prerequisites for the Cloud Network Security course to be completed before training:
    1. Create a personal AWS Account: https://portal.aws.amazon.com/billing/signup#/start
    2. A base of cloud/AWS knowledge:

  2. There is a free online training course by AWS or find some training of your choice:

  3. 3. Install the AWS CLI: https://docs.aws.amazon.com/cli/latest/userguide/install-cliv2.html

  4. 4. Tools needed: your laptop, your favourite IDE and command line tool

About the Trainer


About your trainer! I’m a Platform Engineer for Seek and a co-organiser for DevOps Girls. My day-to-day job is helping to manage and configure cloud networking resources for Seek’s front door. I am passionate about learning and sharing skills/knowledge whenever I can. I come from an unconventional pathway to technology and studied Sociology. This has helped me a lot in my technical career because it turns out that people are more complicated than tech. I hold a couple of AWS certs and I’ve run several cloud-based workshops as part of DevOps Girls, such as a Serverless Bootcamp and the basics of Cloud Networking in AWS.

I am also a dedicated mother to my fur-baby, Susie the staffy.