By Melody Lei

Talk Description

This talk will cover some of the more popular RFID access controls systems, what attacks can be used for each system in order to circumvent them, and how to mitigate them, including concepts like proper use of cryptography and tamper protection. We will cover what tools are required and some basic tips for getting started. By the end of the talk, you should have an idea of how to identify which systems are vulnerable or not, and how to answer the most frequently asked question: "Can I clone that access badge?"  

About the Speaker


Mel is a senior security consultant at The Missing Link where she regularly performs penetration testing and red teaming for clients of all sizes. She has previously spent over 10 years in other penetration testing roles with companies around the world. She also holds a degree in Mathematics. She enjoys researching and learning about RFID systems, especially the various vulnerabilities in different implementations. In her spare time Mel is one of the organisers for both TOOOL Australia and the OzSecCon conference.


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